Below is our full menu. To view only a portion by category, please use the navigation to the left under “menu”. Our menu prices range from $6.95 to $19.95 and prices are subject to change without notice.


GF – gluten free option available

Asian Ginger Wings (8pc) – $11.95

A generous portion of chicken wings marinated with ginger and garlic and the fried in a crisp golden batter. Served with chili sauce.

Coconut Prawns (6pc) – $11.95

Succulent skewered prawns lightly battered and rolled in toasted coconut.

Dungeness Crab Wontons (8pc) – $11.95

Little “pots of gold” filled with a mouth-watering blend of crab and cream cheese. Served with sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

Crispy Tofu (12pc) – $10.95

Tofu squares dipped in a light golden batter, deep fried, and served with our house peanut sauce and sweet chili sauce.

Fried Wontons (8pc) – $11.95

Golden crisp fried wontons stuffed with a sumptuous shrimp and chicken filling.

Pot Stickers (6pc) – $11.95

Pan fried pot stickers filled with a delectable lean ground chicken and sweet onion. Served with our zesty ginger vinaigrette.

Rolls and Wraps

Fresh Spring Rolls (Chicken and shrimp OR tofu) (2pc) – $8.95

Two delicately wrapped salad rolls, filled with fresh lettuce, fragrant basil, and cilantro all enveloped within a transparent rice paper wrap.

Thai Fried Spring Rolls (Chicken or Vegetarian) (4pc) – $11.95

Four delicious crisp fried spring rolls with a savory chicken or vegetarian filling beautifully garnished and served with Indochine’s signature vinaigrette.

GF Imperial Rolls (4pc) – $12.95

Crisp fried rice paper rolls filled with a mix of chicken and vegetables.

Toasted Sesame Wraps (Chicken or Tofu) – $15.95

A mouth watering Indochine favorite! Chicken or tofu caramelized with roasted nuts, sweet mango, and aromatic basil. Served with buttery flaky pastry flat bread.


Ribbons of tender, marinated, and grilled meat skewers accompanied by a robustly aromatic Thai peanut sauce or a refreshing cucumber dressing. Each order is served with two skewers.

Grilled Pork Satay (2pc) – $6.95

Curry Chicken Satay (2pc) – $6.95

Lemongrass Beef Satay (2pc) – $7.50

Honey Sesame Chicken Satay (2pc) – $6.95


Partial orders available
GF – gluten free option available

GF Spicy Prawn Soup – $12.95

Traditional Thai “tom yum” soup, blending delicious balance between hot and sour mingled with tantalizing flavors of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and delectable prawns afloat our savory stock.

Tom Kha Chicken and Coconut Soup – $13.95

A tangy and creamy coconut soup blending Thai herbs and tender chicken breast.

Wonton Soup – $12.95

Scrumptious wontons stuffed with shrimp and chicken filling, served amidst diced vegetables and savory stock.


GF Larb Salad – $13.95

A delightful combination of lean ground chicken or beef doused with a fragrant herb and lime dressing.

GF Thai Beef Salad – $13.75

Tantalizing melody of beef, fresh herbs, and luscious greens in a tangy dressing.

GF Summer Basil Salad (Chicken or Tofu) – $13.75

An eye opening salad bursting with color and flavor. Expertly weaving a mosaic of sweet tangy pineapples and mango with fragrant basil and a hint of peanut sauce.


GF – gluten free option available

Golden Cashew – $13.95

Tender strips of chicken, fresh vegetables, and roasted cashews sauteed in a subtly sweet and spicy garlic sauce.

Spicy Basil (Chicken or Beef) – $14.95

Delicious assortment of fresh vegetables sauteed in a light garlic sauce.

GF Sauteed Basil Curry (Chicken, Beef, or Tofu) – $15.95

Tantalizing mix of basil and fresh vegetables dressed in a luscious yellow curry sauce.

Ginger Beef and Broccoli – $13.95

Tasty blend of tender strips of beef, fragrant ginger, broccoli and fresh vegetables.

GF Swimming Rama (Chicken, Beef, or Tofu) – $15.95

A bed of spinach and broccoli topped with a rich and creamy peanut sauce dressing.

Mongolian Beef – $14.95

Deliciously tender marinated beef sauteed with scallions and onions served over crispy noodles

Snow Pea and Almond Chicken – $14.95

Fresh vegetables, snow peas, roasted almonds sauteed in a light garlic sauce.

Caramelized Ginger and Chili Chicken – $16.95

Delicious blend of stir-fried chicken and fresh vegetables in an aromatic ginger and chili sauce.

Pepper Garlic – $16.95

For true garlic lovers! An unforgettably bold dish, generously seasoned with garlic over a bed of wok seared vegetables.

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken – $15.95

Irresistibly delicious barbecued chicken marinated with lemongrass, curry and creamy coconut milk delicately grilled and served with a rich peanut sauce.

Honey Glazed Walnut Chicken – $16.95

Chicken lightly battered and served in a crispy basket with honey glazed walnut.


GF – gluten free option available

GF Green Curry Seafood – $18.95

A tasty blend of wok-seared prawns, sea scallops, and calamari sauteed with julienne vegetables in a creamy coconut and spicy green curry sauce.

Spicy Basil Seafood – $18.95

Prawns, sea scallops, and tender calamari sauteed in a spicy basil sauce.

Pepper and Garlic (Seafood or Prawns) – $18.95

Wok seared vegetables topped with succulent prawns or seafood dressed in a heavenly garlic sauce.

GF Sauteed Basil Curry Seafood – $18.95

Prawns, sea scallops, and calamari sauteed with fresh vegetables in a delectably rich saffron colored curry.

Crispy Fish (ginger & basil or curry sauce) – $19.95

Delectably moist filleted fish dipped in a crisp golden batter and topped with fresh vegetables in a tangy sweet and sour or spicy ginger and basil sauce.

Honey Glazed Walnut Prawns – $19.95

Mouth watering prawns lightly battered and beautifully served in a crispy basket with honey glazed walnuts, sweet pineapples and lychee fruit.


GF – gluten free option available

Classic Thai Fried Rice – $13.95

Our house classic, flaky jasmine rice wok-fried with crisp julienne vegetables.

Mango Fried Rice – $13.95

An enticingly colorful dish blending fragrant cubed mango and diced vegetables.

Pineapple Fried Rice – `$13.95

A wildly delectable combination of carrots, peas, and cubed pineapples.

GF Basil Curry Fried Rice – $14.95

Vibrant golden curry flavored rice sauteed with basil and fresh vegetables.

Side Orders:

Jasmine Steamed Rice – $1.95
Brown Rice – $1.95
Yellow Curry Rice – $2.95
Steamed Noodles – $3.95
Steamed Vegetables – $3.95
Peanut Sauce – $1.50
Spring Roll Sauce – $0.75

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Signature Cocktails

Spend the evening to unwind, relax, and chat with friends over Indochine’s signature cocktails. Our cocktails feature exotic fruits and premium spirits, the perfect way to end a hard day at work.

White Wines

Red Wines

To complement your meal, we offer an extensive high quality wine list that is carefully selected from around the world. The staff at Indochine will be more than happy to help you with your choice of wine to accompany your meal.

Please inform your server if you have any special dietary restrictions so we can best accommodate your needs