GF – gluten free option available

Asian Ginger Wings (8pc) – $11.95

A generous portion of chicken wings marinated with ginger and garlic and the fried in a crisp golden batter. Served with chili sauce.

Coconut Prawns (6pc) – $11.95

Succulent skewered prawns lightly battered and rolled in toasted coconut.

Dungeness Crab Wontons (8pc) – $11.95

Little “pots of gold” filled with a mouth-watering blend of crab and cream cheese. Served with sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

Crispy Tofu (12pc) – $10.95

Tofu squares dipped in a light golden batter, deep fried, and served with our house peanut sauce and sweet chili sauce.

Fried Wontons (8pc) – $11.95

Golden crisp fried wontons stuffed with a sumptuous shrimp and chicken filling.

Pot Stickers (6pc) – $11.95

Pan fried pot stickers filled with a delectable lean ground chicken and sweet onion. Served with our zesty ginger vinaigrette.

Rolls and Wraps

(GF) Fresh Spring Rolls (Chicken and shrimp OR tofu) (2pc) – $9.95

Two delicately wrapped salad rolls, filled with fresh lettuce, fragrant basil, and cilantro all enveloped within a transparent rice paper wrap.

Thai Fried Spring Rolls (Chicken or Vegetarian) (4pc) – $11.95

Four delicious crisp fried spring rolls with a savory chicken or vegetarian filling beautifully garnished and served with Indochine’s signature vinaigrette.

(GF) Imperial Rolls (4pc) – $12.95

Crisp fried rice paper rolls filled with a mix of chicken and vegetables.

Toasted Sesame Wraps (Chicken or Tofu) – $15.95

A mouth watering Indochine favorite! Chicken or tofu caramelized with roasted nuts, sweet mango, and aromatic basil. Served with buttery flaky pastry flat bread.


Ribbons of tender, marinated, and grilled meat skewers accompanied by a robustly aromatic Thai peanut sauce or a refreshing cucumber dressing. Each order is served with two skewers.

(GF) Curry Chicken Satay (2pc) – $6.95

(GF) Grilled Pork Satay (2pc) – $7.95

(GF) Lemongrass Beef Satay (2pc) – $7.95

(GF) Honey Sesame Chicken Satay (2pc) – $6.95